Geology Bonanza: Short talks programme - Masonic Hall

Saturday 14th October 2017 11:30 AM

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11.30    The geological story of Torbay: A 400-million year English Riviera Global Geopark journey. - Nick Powe

12.00    Poetry of the Jurassic Coast:  Sarah talks about her Jurassic Coast residency & reads new poems. - Sarah Acton

12.30    Earthquakes and tsunamis in action:  Can we really shake Sidmouth? How do earthquakes and tsunamis work? - Chris King

1.30      Crumbling cliffs and crashing waves:  The impact of geology on the mainline railway at Teignmouth and Dawlish. - Pat Wilson

2.00     Jurassic Coast: 95 miles of coastline, 3 years of art:  A look at the Jurassic Coast geology and how it's influenced his recent work. - Colin Bentley

2.30     Rocket Quarry Strombolites:  Petrified trees from the age of the dinosaurs.  - John Ayres

3.00     An introduction to glaciation & Milankovitch Cycles: How is climate affected by Earth's spin and its orbit around the sun? - Mike Green