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Tin Can Telephone Record Smashed!

Monday 3rd October 2022

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Speak in here Tin Can Telephone

On Saturday afternoon a group from the Sidmouth Science Festival met on the beach for another attempt at the World Record for the longest Tin Can Telephone conversation. An attempt was made during the Festival last year but it proved to be too noisy. It was still quite busy due the lovely weather but we created quite a buzz on the beach. 


No, a genuine world record was set on Saturday 8th December by John Hems and others from the Sidmouth Science Festival who set up and operated the world's longest "tin can" telephone.  With can do determination they stretched a wire all the way from the look out at Connaught Gardens to Bedford Steps on the Esplanade. With a simple yogurt pot at each end they made a functioning telephone and the message "This is Sidmouth Science Festival world record tin can telephone" was spoken down one end and successfully heard by witnesses at the other end.  The message was sent over an astonishing 374 m, easily beating the previous record (Japan 2019) by well over 100 m. Documentation is now being sent to the Guinness World Records for ratification. The event was to publicise the start of the 2022 Sidmouth Science Festival, beginning on Friday 7th October. The telephone itself can be seen again, and is open to the public to use, on the Esplanade on "Super Science Saturday" 8th October from 11 am.  Further details of this and all events can be found at