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Sidmouth Science Festival 2021 Primary School Art Exhibition

Sunday 10th October 2021

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School art

Prize winners:

Feniton Primary School Y6 Constellations: A really creative and interesting piece. As well as being beautiful to look at it is informative too. I really enjoyed seeing all the different shapes of the constellations it is often hard to see their exact shapes in the night sky.  

Newton Poppleford Y5: Space newly imagined, what a great combination of art and imagination. It is really exciting to look at and some wonderful colour combinations too. 

Awliscombe CofE Robin class: Well done! Your marble technique and wonderful scratch work look stunning in this piece. Your work provides an excellent interpretation of the wonders of space and astronomy. 

Highly Commended:

Sidmouth Primary Turtle class: This is a really impactful and explosive piece of art work, well done! The piece is full of movement and is exciting to look at

Payhembury Ash Class: This is a really imaginative interpretation of space. It captures the wonder of a glittery, starry night beautifully.

We will have more photographs here soon!