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The Festival will run from 6 October to 16 October 2022. 

There is a downloadable summary of the programme here. Please keep an eye on the website, however, for any last minute changes. There is a limited number of events requiring booking. These are spedified in the events details on this website.

In addition,

  • We encourage people to observe any government health and other guidelines in force at the time.
  • All children will need to be accompanied at the events by a responsible adult.
  • Photography will be taking place in all the venues. If you or your family prefer not to be included in any photos, please speak with the Steward in the venue at the time.
  • Every venue will have details of who to contact in case of any incidents or emergencies.
  • Please feel free to speak with the Stewards if you need further information.

The Cafe Scientifique and other events, such as the Biodiversity series will continue to take place throughout the year.