Make and take: build your own cars, boats, snakes, kites, motors, ducks...

Saturday 9th October 2021 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location/Venue: Kennaway House Coburg Road EX10 8NG

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We look forward to 'make and take' activities in the marquee and gazebos on Kennaway Lawn where you can make things, see if they work and take some of them home with you!

We will have -

  • Aeroplanes - by Neil Morley: See how aeroplanes are controlled. Fly a paper plane yourself and try for a flight record. See how to make your own plane and make it twist in the air.
  • Jitter bugs, boats, robot ducks, NAFF cars, and kites - by Dave Bramley. Jitter bugs that move around at random - boats that float in water! - ducks that swim around and even waddle on tables - Not At all Fast but Free cars!
  • Wool - by Penny Ball and Mair Miles. Simple weaving and felting. See if you can make little snakes of wool!
  • Electric motors - by Bob Miles and Colin Walls. Build yourself an electric motor using a magnet, a battery and a coil of wire which the maker winds. Safety pins to keep it all together!
  • Kites workshop - with Karen and Godfrey Gamble. Kite workshop where you can come and build yourself a kite from a kit. Once built you will have the opportunity to fly the kite on Sidmouth beach.

No need to book - just turn up!

Please observe physical distancing and good hygiene during the activities.