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The Festival is five years old!

Wednesday 14th September 2016

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We are very proud of this Festival, which was conceived in 2011 and first happened in 2012!

Our aim was to put together science and technology events for the whole community in East Devon, to provide STEM related events especially for the young and something fun, challenging and stimulating for everyone. The Festival takes place in October each year but there are individual events throughout the year. We have wanted to keep events free as much as possible in order to provide opportunities for everyone to attend, and are very grateful for our sponsors and donors who have made this possible.

In this past year we have been registered as a charity, we now have a new website and this year's programme is better than ever, including many more events in local schools.

We thank our sponsors, donors and volunteers who have made this Festival possible and the local schools for being engaged with the Festival. And we look forward to seeing you all in October.

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