Parish Church: From the microscopic to the universe

Saturday 13th October 2018 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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A multitude of hands-on exhibits, displays and demonstrations of physics, weather, floods, projectiles, telescopy and microscopy, for you to try out, be amazed by, and learn. 

  • Try your hand with the Met Office weather forecasting studio and lots of weather-related experiments. Have a go at presenting the weather, get hands-on with weather science and ask the experts your weather and climate questions.
  • Visit the Institute of Physics for some stimulating, engaging and interactive sessions using balloons, pumps, spinners and bottles, amongst other experiments.
  • Find out the science behind the things we throw, kick and hit in sport with Colin White’s sporting balls.
  • Learn more about local floods, flood protection and flood forecasting on the Environment Agency display.  Investigate the unseen world of tiny plants, bugs, etc through the Quekett Microscopical Club’s powerful microscopes and displays.
  • Probe the farthest reaches of the universe with the XRT-C Student Radio Telescope.

 New this year: presentations and demonstrations on stage every hour on the hour (times subject to change – see website and posters at the venue)

  • 11am Weather in a tank of water: including our very own jet stream
  • 12am Probing the cosmos with the XRT-C Student Radio Telescope
  • 1pm Colin White’s sporting balls demonstration
  • 2pm Beauties & beasties of the microscopical world
  • 3pm Met Office lightning demonstration

Venue: the Parish Church, EX10 8LG

NB. This venue closes at 4pm.


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